Per Grankvist

The truth about lying

Per Grankvist

Author and journalist, specialized on sustainability, ethics and civic engagement

Everyday we see our friends applying filters to the images they’re about to upload to make sure they are just perfect. Images exposing the ugly truth seem to have become as rare in social media as updates about when life is less than perfect. Author Per Grankvist examines if the same behavior can be said to describe everyday life situations and how and why other people lie.

Per Grankvist is a author and journalist, specialized on sustainability, ethics and civic engagement. He’s a columnist at the opinion pages at Sydsvenskan, a daily morning paper in Malmö, Sweden, and a frequent commentator on current affairs in Gomorron Sverige, the flagship morning show at Swedish public service broadcaster SVT.

His passion is intellectual entertainment that help people connect the dots in new ways. He’s the author of three acclaimed books and has been called ‘a Swedish version of Malcolm Gladwell” for his way of writing about contemporary phenomena in unexpected ways and is a popular keynote speaker.